Daniel Kabir Mustafa, the Argentine to represent Palestine in the Asia Cup 2019

By | January 7, 2019
The Asia Cup 2019 will have an Argentine representative in the field. This is the footballer, Daniel Kabir Mustafa, playing in Sarmiento de Leones de Córdoba (who played the Regional Amateur Federal Tournament) and wear the shirt of the selection of Palestine in the contest to be held in the United Arab Emirates until 1 February.
“My great – grandparents were Palestinian, came from there. In 2013 I had the passport and dual citizenship to be cited for the first time. Then, for various reasons, I was five years out of the selection, but the Algerian coach Noureddine Ould Ali called me to return, “said the defender of 34 years at the official site of the AFA.
Palestine in Group B of the Asian Cup with Jordan, Syria and Australia. This is the most important national teams in the region tournament has 24 teams.
“There is an atypical contrast because Raisins an amateur team playing an Asian Cup. However Sarmiento has professionalized much increased in recent times, but still a big leap, ” admitted Mustapha about the difference that involves playing on your computer and selected.
For Player”, she is proud” to represent Argentina in the competition. “That makes me happy, makes me happy,” he said.
The language and customs could make clear differences from his teammates in the locker room. However, the “Albiceleste” does not think so: ” I know enough Arabic culture because in my family we maintain several ways. I was many times in these countries and therefore may not make me so hard the change also several foreign partners. Chilean and some European Here speaks Spanish, English, Arabic. it has naturalized a bit of everything and that makes you feel comfortable.”
“The largest Palestinian community in America is in Chile. From there I think they started relationships sporting level. Therefore, the first foreigners to go there were Chileans. They began to generate interest, knowing also that, worldwide, the South American player is highly valued worldwide. So this growth occurring in countries like Palestine, where players began to migrate outward, the South American footballer arrives to give a bonus to the selection ” he added.
Mustapha path includes steps such as workshops and Team Racing de Córdoba, Alumni Villa María, Ben Hur de Rafaela, Tigre and Boca Unidos. He also played in Portugal, Spain, Ecuador, Chile and Venezuela. At 34, he is aware that he is in the final stretch of his career and that takes to the Asian Cup as “a challenge”.
The defender will not be the only Argentine in the tournament: coaches Antonio Pizzi (in Saudi Arabia) and Hector Cuper (in Uzbekistan) will also be in the UAE.
“There are very strong teams, World Cup teams such as Iran, Australia (the defending champion), South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia. Physically Asian teams have evolved a lot. And in football, many players began to emigrate to Europe, that before did not happen, “he said Mustapha.

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