Indian Football Team prepares for AFC Asian Cup 2019

By | November 26, 2018

It’s been almost 7 years when the Indian football team has participated in the AFC Asian cup last time. This time the highest rainfall of Indian football team is going to play in UAE. The biggest football tournament of Asian continent which is going to be organized in the United Arab Emirates is going to be the festival for football fans, that begins from January 5 and ends on February 1.

When India had participated last time that was back in 2011 had suffered a very bad defeat in the hands of Bahrain, Australia, Korea Republic football teams. This was a very big lesson for the Indian team which was unable to get qualified for the next addition that was held in 2015 so it has tried hard and secured its place in 2019 edition of AFC Asian Cup.

The Indian football team has been trying its best to play and prove its performance in the upcoming matches. While the first match that is going to be played against China, that had turned into 0-0 draw. And the second friendly match with Jordan was turned into a failure giving victory to Jordan football team.

Initially, Jordan had challenged India to play with them. But accidentally India was unable to keep at the pace of the Jordan football team, that had led to the failure.

As per the latest stats, the Indian football team is ranked 15th place in Asia and 97th rank in the world. Though it is not such an appreciable rank, also it is not that bad as well because there are many teams that are not in the top hundred also.

There are ample amount of chances for India to shine in this tournament because they were headed by coach Stephen Constantine who is a well-known famous football player with many records on his head. If the place had followed him perfectly, he might guide them well & probably India may lift the trophy of AFC Asian cup 2019.

Well talking about the squad, Subashish Bose and Anirudh Thapa are two important members of the senior team who are well trained and have their own performance. India is hoping that their seniority will help them to move further.

But everything was doubtful unless and until India make its play in the tournament. Surprisingly India was scheduled to play a friendly match against Saudi Arabia but it was later canceled.

As per the recent reports, the Indian football crew will leave New Delhi for AFC Asian Cup on 17th December and I’m going to practice there, till up next.

So let’s wait until prove itself in this AFC Asian Cup 2019 tournament.



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